Reiki Healing Courses

Certified Usui Reiki Healing Course

Learn Reiki healing, crystals & space cleansing, psychic surgery, relationship healing & lot more for effective healings

 Certified Karuna, Karuna Ki & Sai Baba Reiki Course

It combines loving & compassionate energy within oneself with Reiki. It has separate symbols for each issue, meditations, mudras, scan, etc. for more efficacy

Certified Reiki Grandmaster Course

Learn deep cleansing, communication with spiritual realms and in depth healing at deep spiritual level for profound efficacy

Certified Money Reiki Course

Learn to attract money, abundance, prosperity, clear obstacles, karmas, hexes, curses, evil eye, etc. on way to manifesting wealth

Certified Kundalini Reiki Course

It facilitates smooth awakening of Kundalini, gives profound & deep healing. It even heals birth trauma, childhood issues, pastlives & DNA

Certified Gold Reiki Course

It uses energy of pure gold from the universe and has strong healing energy. It brings joy, love, acceptance and healing

Certified Karmic Reiki Course

It clears and heals all the karmic blocks, ties & baggages from current & pastlives, brings inner peace and success for a balanced happy life

Certified Violet Flame Reiki Course

It includes healing from Reiki, Violet flame and Goddess Kuan Yin and hence is one of the most effective healings

Certified Angel Reiki Course

It uses combined energy of Reiki with angelic realms where one connects to angels and Reiki energy for healing

Certified Zodiac Reiki Course

It uses Reiki to heal imbalances in zodiac signs determining characteristics & imbalances in life to bring balance, health & happiness

Certified Crystal Reiki Course

Learn to identify, cleanse, charge, program & handle crystals, create crystal grids and use energy of right crystals with Reiki for healing

Certified Imara Reiki Course

Imara Reiki means “More Reiki” as it has higher energies. It heals all areas, childhood & pastlife issues & helps in getting channeled messages

Certified Reiki Level 4 Course

With better healing it helps one become more intuitive, modify & discover new methods of attunements, healings and new healing systems

Certified 12 Chakra Reiki Course

It empowers 5 main minor chakras apart from 7 major chakras &focuses on every aspect for overall chakra healing in the best possible way

Certified Divine Fire Reiki Course

Learn to heal all areas of life and meditations to enhance healing capabilities, energy and spiritual gifts

Certified Shamanic Reiki Course

It heals with the power of elements of nature, Reiki & connects to astral plane for better guidance 

Certified Fairy Reiki Course

It uses power of Reiki & fairies to balance, heal & harmonise living beings, plants, mother earth & entire ecosystem. Must for lightworkers

Certified Twinflame/Soulmate/True Love Reiki Course

Twinflame Reiki brings balance, alignment & facilitates union between twinflames

Soulmate Reiki helps attract or heal soulmate relationship which can be romantic or non-romantic

True Love Reiki heals or attracts purest and unconditional love

Certified Gajanan Vinayak Reiki Course

It uses power of Reiki & the blessings of Lord Ganesha to heal living beings in all areas of life.

Certified Tiger Reiki Course

It uses power of Reiki, divine beings and guardian tiger to heal all aspects of life. It is also very effective in providing strength, courage and protecttion.