Learn to attract money, abundance, prosperity, clear obstacles, karmas, hexes, curses, evil eye, etc. on way to manifesting wealth. Learn Money Reiki Practitioner, Master and Grandmaster Levels together in this course.


Money Reiki Course

Get attuned to 10 symbols in 4 attunements

Recorded Video Course: Rs.11444

Live Video Course: Rs.13000


Duration: 7-10 hours

Eligibility: Reiki Master


1. Attunements and certificate

2. Pdf manuals, audio and video clips of course

3. Detailed explanation and doubt clarification on video call

4. Quiz related to the Course

5. Lifetime access, unlimited revisions and Membership


Money Reiki Course

1. Money blocks - Limiting beliefs, reasons and overcoming them

2. Attracting money

3. Energetic System vs Feeling Positive 

4. Money Reiki to raise collective vibration of the planet

5. Money Reiki and Lightworkers

6. Money Reiki Symbols and meanings

7. Ways to use Money Reiki and Treatments

8. Creating Money Magnet, Money Reiki Box

9. Dealing with Money Anxiety using Money Reiki

10. Financial Blessing, Energy Tithing, Giving Away and Outflow

11. World Money Meditation

12. Notes for Practitioner

13. The Debt System

14. Money Reiki Attunements, guidelines, processes and methods

15. Methods of Chi ball creation and Activation 

16. Money Reiki as Way of Life

17. Getting Clear on Intentions

18. Clearing of Energetic and Personal Issues

19. Money Devas

20. Grounding and Aura Protection - Benefits and techniques

21. Lineage