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Looking for clarity in life? Need guidance and answers to questions? Want to solve problems? Or attract money, love or manifest desires? Want to have a blissful life at all levels?

Or may be need spiritual guidance, want to know about karmas, past lives, future lives, angels, life purposes, etc.?

You're at the right place where we figure out root cause behind every issue, heal it, provide answers to your questions and guide you towards your desired life!

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Dr. Trishha's journey into the world of psychic healing was destined. As a child, all she wanted was to uplift lives and heal people, unknowingly laying the foundation for her future as a healer. Even as a medical student, she found herself naturally healing and hypnotizing friends. Persistent interest in spirituality and healing led her to Reiki, igniting a passion for holistic healing.

Venturing into Reiki opened the floodgates of Trishha's abilities. Guided by her Guru, she mastered Reiki levels, unveiling her gifts to the world under the name of “Divinne Staars.” Divinne Staars is a beacon of light, drawing people from around the globe with word-of-mouth praise.  

Today, Trishha is everyone's favorite psychic. Guided by the stars, her path is one of illumination, empathy, and empowerment. Trishha stands as a gifted healer, reminding us that within our uniqueness lies the power to heal and transform.