From the cosmic dance of the stars to the intricate threads of human energy, Trishha's journey into the realm of psychic healing has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Trishha has been a healer long before she knew what it was called. As a child, all she wanted to do was help heal and uplift lives. A born psychic, intuitive and empath, she had abilities to sense and foresee energies and future. Not only this the empath in her helped to understand and connect to people deeply which kept her desire to help and heal alive.


This inspired her to take up medical studies. She recounts how as a medical student, she once healed her roomate of a headache with a single gentle touch. Once, between fun and games, she was able to hypnotize her friend just by setting an intention.

She graduated in MBBS in 2018, knowing little that the universe’s plan would set her on a different journey of healing altogether.

Seeking relief from certain patterns in life, she ventured into a Reiki session that left her deeply intrigued. Inspired by the session's transformative effects, she embarked on a journey to learn Reiki herself, driven by a newfound passion for holistic healing. This marked the initial steps of her journey, paving the way for her to become a beacon of light for those seeking solace and restoration.

Guided by her Guru, she learnt all levels of Reiki, and finally opened her reiki healing to the public. The response was overwhelming. People from all around the world were singing praises of her healing, and her brand grew solely through word-of-mouth.

As the tapestry of her abilities unfolded, Trishha unveiled yet another facet of her skill set– astrology, crystals and energy reading. Although she went through rigorous study and wrote a certification exam for them all, she never found anything difficult; it all came naturally to her. The motivation from her clients encouraged her to open more services to the public.

Yet, amidst her remarkable gifts, Trishha's journey was not without its challenges. Despite her growing mastery, she grappled with a sense of 'otherness,' feeling like a puzzle piece that didn't quite fit. This inner turmoil served as a catalyst for her deeper exploration, leading her to unearth layers of personal healing and self-discovery.

Today, there is hardly an alternative healing service that Trishha hasn’t mastered. Most loved and sought after for her Tarot reading and Reiki healing, her brand Divinne Staars is now an established brand. Non judgmental and wise, she remains everyone’s favorite psychic.

Guided by the stars and fueled by an unquenchable thirst for insight, her path is one of illumination, empathy, and empowerment. Today, Trishha stands as a gifted psychic healer, a guiding light for those traversing the labyrinth of their own existence, reminding us all that within our uniqueness lies the power to heal and transform.

This journey has not only helped her fulfill her purpose of life of healing and uplifting lives, but has awakened her inner abilities and answered all the "Why's" of her life, solved all unexplained puzzles, unveiled her soul purpose and her origin as an incarnated angel, starseed and a twinflame.