Crystal Reiki Course

Certified Crystal Reiki Course

You'll get:

1. Attunement/s

2. Pdf manual/s of course

3. Audio and Video clips of course

4. Detailed explanation and doubt clarification on video call

5. Quiz related to the Course

6. Unlimited revisions

7. Certificate

8. Lifetime membership and access with a Membership Code

Get attuned to 8 symbols in 1 attunement

It takes a total of 8-9 days to complete the course.

Eligibility: Level 2 Reiki Healer


Recorded Video Course: Rs.6333

Live Video Course: Rs.9555

This course includes:

1. History of Crystal Reiki

2. How Crystal Reiki works and its benefits

3. Crystals based on structure

4. Ways to select crystals

5. Crystals to be careful about

6. Crystals based on colour 

7. Cleansing crystals 

8. Storing crystals

9. Charging crystals

10. Programming crystals

11. Diagnosis and Prescription

12. Crystal Reiki Prerequisites

13. Crystal Reiki Self treatments

14 Treating others

15. Crystal grids

16. Crystal Reiki symbols and meanings 

17. Grid creation

18. Crystal selection and placements for grids 

19. Additional grid elements

20. Crystal Reiki Attunements

21. Teaching Crystal Reiki

22. Steps to Attunement

23. Crystals for Chakra healing

24. Crystal Reiki for home

25. Feng Shui method

26. Crystal Reiki with pets

27. Crystals for career growth

28. Crystals for peace and safety

29. Crystal layouts for various issues

30. Crystal Reiki Session - Reflection

31. Grounding and techniques