Zodiac Reiki Course

Certified Zodiac Reiki Course

You'll get:

1. Attunement/s

2. Pdf manual/s of course

3. Audio and Video clips of course

4. Detailed explanation and doubt clarification on video call

5. Quiz related to the Course

6. Unlimited revisions

7. Certificate

8. Lifetime membership and access with a Membership Code

Get attuned to 12 symbols in 12 attunements

It takes a total of 6-7 days to complete the course.

Eligibility: Level 2 Reiki Healer


Recorded Video Course: Rs.25000

Live Video Course: Rs.27444

This course includes:

1. Working with Signs 

2. Astral influences 

3. Elements of Signs

4. Zodiac Reiki Symbols 

6. 12 Zodiac Signs and Archetypes 

7. Attunements in person and distance 

8. Receiving Attunements 

9. Using Symbols

10. Tips

11. Lineage 

12. Astrology basics

13. Houses, Ascendants, Signs

14. Meaning of houses and signs

15. House lords, planets and meanings

16. Understanding benefic and malefic signs and planets

17. Grounding and techniques