Certified Sun Reiki Course

Certified Sun Reiki Course

Learn this simple yet effective healing with no prerequisites, which brings positivity, growth, success and deeply cleanses your soul and rejuvenates new energy by banishing and clearing negativity at all levels and providing protection.


Get attuned to course in 1 attunement

Recorded Video Course: Rs.3222

Live Video Course: Rs.4999


Duration: 3-5 hours

Eligibility: None


1. Attunement and certificate

2. Pdf manual, audio and video clips of course

3. Detailed explanation and doubt clarification on video call

4. GuidedMeditation Clip

5. Quiz related to the Course

6. Lifetime access, Unlimited Revisions and Membership


1. Sun Reiki - Introduction, Associations and Benefits

2. Attunement - Preparation, Process and Post Attunement things

3. Treatments and Journaling

4. Healing with Sun phases and diurnal variations

5. Grounding - Benefits and techniques

6. Healing with Sun phases and diurnal variations

7. Protection, Cord Cutting