Certified Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Age Regression Course

Learn to regress, release & heal mind from deep rooted issues & blocks to live a happy, successful & fulfilled life. This course includes all levels of hypnosis and hypnotherapy with age regression

Certified Inner Child Healing Course

Learn inner child healing to remove various blockages and traumas from childhood suppressed deep in mind. Healing relationship with inner child causes a healthy, successful and happy life at all levels

Certified Past Life, Womb Regression & Spirit Releasement Course

Learn to figure out,release & heal unexplained patterns or experiences due to issues or karmas from womb, previous lives or entities.

Certified Life Between Lives Course

Learn to get answers to reasons behind unexplained issues, queries& get guidance directly by angels in spiritual plane

Certified Future Life Progression Course

Learn to visit future events in current & future lives, future outcomes of present decisions & choices & get guidance & heal blocks in the way of desired life

Certified Parallel Quantum Lives Course

It helps in visiting various results & timelines due to different decisions & actions in present, so that one makes better choices & decisions for desired future