Pastlife Regression Course

Pastlife Regression, Womb Regression and Spirit Releasement Course

You'll get:

1. Explanation on video call

2. Guided Meditations for Self Regression

3. 2 Live Real Case Demos of the PLR sessions

4. Written manual for Advanced PLR and SRT

4. A quiz and Assignment related to the Course

5. Certificate of Participation or Completion

6. Lifetime membership and access with a Membership Code

7. Guided meditation for hypnosis 

It takes a total of 6-7 days to complete the course.

Eligibility: A Hypnotherapist


Level 1 - Basics of PLRT and Self PLRT: Rs.3777

Level 2 - PLRT for Others: Rs.7222

Level 3 - Spirit Releasement: Rs.9222

Level 4 - Advanced PLRT: Rs.6000

Total Charges for all Levels: Rs.19000