Inner Child Healing Course

Inner Child Healing Course

You'll get:

1. A pdf manual of Inner Child Healing Course

2. Video Clips of Inner Child Healing Course 

3. Explanation and doubts clarification on call

4. A quiz and assignment related to the Course

5. Certificate of 

Participation or Completion

6. Lifetime membership and access with a Membership Code

7. 2 Live Real Case Demos of the Inner Child Healing therapy

8. Guided meditation for hypnosis

It takes 3-4 days to complete the course 

Eligibility: A Hypnotherapist or Pastlife Regression Therapist

Charges: Rs.9777

This course includes:

1. Adult and Child Work 

2. Inner Child Work 

3. Inner Child trauma 

4. Child part 

6. Adult part

7. Archetypes 

8. Empathy 

9. False Self

10. Inner Child Healing

11. Life Positions 

12. Important Sessions

13. Steps and details

14. Building Relationships