Relationship Healing Therapies

Relationship Healing Therapies

Elevate your relationships with our Exclusive Healing Therapies!

Having troubles with your partner, friend or family? Unable to cooperate with your colleagues at work? Want to attract true love into your life? Or do you wish to rekindle the passion in existing relationships? Or may be a union with your soulmate or twinflame?

Look no further. Relationship healing will infuse your bonds with love and care, fostering harmony and cooperation between you and your loved one.

Don't miss the opportunity to nurture and cherish the relationships that truly matter to you.

Relationship Healings for All


I. INTENT REIKI: Combo of various Reiki healings for desired results.

II. CANDLE & CRYSTAL REIKI: Combo of Reiki + Candle Healing+ Crystal Reiki for more efficacy.

III. ANGEL HEALING: Relationship healing with the power and blessings of Angels.

IV. ANGEL REIKI: Combo of Reiki + Healing by Archangels.

Relationship Healing For Twinflames/Soulmates/True Love

Heal all problems & obstacles keeping you away or in strained relation with your twinflame, soulmate or true love, manifest them, facilitate union and harmony. Your soulmate and true love can be your romantic or non romantic partners, friends, children or your family and colleagues.

We blend these Reiki healings with other techniques to clear all blocks, karmas, problems and Angel healing for highest efficacy.

Twinflame Reiki - Removes all blocks from Twinflame relationships, heals their trauma, karmas, inner issues to facilitate union

Soulmate Reiki - Removes all problems including inner trauma, karmas, etc. from Soulmate relationships (couples, friends, family, colleagues) and heals their relationship

True Love Reiki - Heals all kinds of blockages including inner trauma, karmas, etc. to help find true love in life.