Lama Fera And Other Healing Courses

Certified Lama Fera Healing Course

Learn to remove karmic issues, evil eye, all kinds of negativities, balance chakras, aura and get overall healing & protection for living beings and space

Certified Angel Healing Course

Learn Angel healing  and heal yourself and others by connecting to spiritual guides, angels, archangels and seeking their healings, blessings and guidance

Certified Trance And Ancestral Healing Courses

TRANCE HEALING: Learn Trance Healing & heal yourself & others by connecting to spiritual guides, angels, archangels & seeking their healings, blessings & guidance in trance state for profound efficacy

ANCESTRAL HEALING: Learn to clear ancestral karmas & wounds causing issues in life, send love & blessings to ancestors to cross the light & get their love & blessings in return

Certified Chakras And Pendulum Healing And Dowsing Courses

CHAKRAS HEALING: Learn in depth about 7 major Chakras & Aura, Kundalini and Merkabah and various methods of healing and balancing them

PENDULUM HEALING + DOWSING: Learn to heal all issues which act as obstacles in peaceful & progressive life using pendulum which is very sensitive in detecting energies & blocks. Also with dowsing learn to seek answers to questions with pendulum and have in depth reading and better healing