Recorded Video Course: Rs.3000

Live Video Course: Rs.5444


Duration: 7-10 hours

Eligibility: None

Recorded Video Course: Rs.2555

Live Video Course: Rs.4999


Duration: 8-11 hours

Eligibility: Angel Healing Practitioner

Recorded Video Course: Rs.5555

Live Video Course: Rs.10444


Duration: 14-20 hours

Eligibility: None


1. Attunement and Certificate

2. A pdf manual, Video and Audio Clips of Angel Healing Course

3. Guided Meditation Clip for Attunement from Angels

4. Detailed explanation and doubt clarification on video call

5. A quiz related to the Course

6.Lifetime access, Unlimited Revisions with Membership



1. Angels and Orders, Elemental Beings, Archangels

2. Watchtower and Guardian Angels

3. Angel Signs and Invokation 

4. Earth Angels and their Signs, Crystal Children

5. Angels and Children, Animals and Relationships

6. Relationships with Friends and Family

7. Crystals for Angel Healing 

8. Angel healing with other modalities and benefits

9. Self Attunement and Healing Requirements, Preparation, Steps and Closing

10. Releasing Resentment 

11. Relationship Healing 

12. Angel and Archangel Prayers for various issues

13. Angel Protection

14. Protection, Grounding and Cord Cutting


1. Information about 7 main archangels

2. Angelic portals and Symbols

3. Crystal grids

4. Choosing right angel for right healing

5. Angel communication and Channeling

6. Zibu symbols

7. Healing steps, Advanced healing steps and additional information

8. Protection, Grounding and Cord Cutting