Healings For Deep Rooted Issues

 Healings for Deep Rooted Issues

Deep rooted issues are psychological, emotional or behavioral patterns and problems that are ingrained in a person's subconscious and unconscious minds over an extended period of time and are due to their past experiences, childhood, womb or even past lives!

These patterns cannot be identified or resolved easily and continue to affect a person's thoughts and experiences throughout their lives.

In these wide range of healings, we identify and heal these hidden issues, so that one can have a happy life. Explore and find out what draws you the most!

HYPNOTHERAPY: Reprogram your subconscious mind and heal from unwanted patterns and thoughts through our recorded or live therapy. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

INNER CHILD HEALING THERAPY: Heal your inner child and solve deep rooted subconscious blocks for a happy and successful life. Click here for details.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY: Witness and heal root cause behind unexplained experiences and patterns. Click here for details.

LIFE BETWEEN LIVES THERAPY: Know reasons behind life experiences, karmic contracts, etc. and guidance towards better life. Click here for details.

AKASHIC RECORDS HEALING THERAPY: They hold the keys to every chapter of your soul's existence, shedding light on the purpose behind every experience while unveiling the roadmap to your future. They also reveal your soul and karmic contracts, and help clear or reshape them when needed, and heal your problems, all guided by your Angels and masters. Click here for details.

FUTURE LIVES PROGRESSION THERAPY: See your future and next lives, know how they will be, and modify your present to have desired future. Click here for details.

PARALLEL QUANTUM LIVES THERAPY: Explore different timelines to show how your decisions and actions have impacted your present and can impact your future as well. You can make right decisions in order to have desired outcome at right time. Click here for details.

QUANTUM HEALING THERAPY: Channel information related to any issue and find its reason, solution and healing by direct communication with respective energies. Click here for details.