Wish Fulfillment Remedies


Step into the world where every direction holds the key to enhancing various aspects of your life. These ancient sciences of harmonizing energy and elements offer you to transform your living spaces - home, office or room for happiness, positivity, growth and prosperity.

Imagine purchasing Vastu-friendly land, a canvas of opportunity where the earth beneath you radiates positivity and abundance.

Elevate your life and manifest your dreams with the power of Vastu and Feng Shui today!

Charges start from Rs.1111 onwards!

Get attuned to Chi balls for manifesting your dreams and desires. It can be for anything like manifesting a job or relationship, success in exams or interview, protection from negativity, good health or overall positivity and abundance.

Get Empowered with Money Reiki to increase wealth and prosperity in life, clear blocks, negativities and karmic patterns around money to lead the abundant life you deserve!

Get lifelong effects by single time activation at Rs.1499 per Attunement / Empowerment!


Illuminate your path with the sacred flame today! Unveil the mystical power customized to your unique needs and desires. These are aligned with lunar cycles to ensure you receive precisely what you're looking for.

Ignite the transformation with Candle Rituals with the power of flame, color therapy, crystals, essential oils and lot more from Rs.2222 onwards!

DISCLAIMER: These are conducted with pure intent and aimed at the highest good of all. Kindly refrain from requesting anything contrary to the laws of the Universe.


Subliminals are hidden messages immersed in music which bypass all the resistances of conscious mind and are absorbed directly by subconscious mind to give desired results.

They are the powerful tools in the form of audio, video or audiovisual messages which when practiced are capable of manifesting any wish.

Get ready to be amazed with this miracle of subliminal messages!