1. All the service(s) provided by us are never a substitute for any medical, legal, psychological and other professional advice therapies, treatments and medications. We do not offer any guarantees, claims or any diagnosis in any of our services.

2. The consenter must either be the recipient or spouse / sibling / child / parent / grandchild / grandparent of the recipient and must have completed 18 years of age at the time of filling this form.

3.The recipient must not solely depend on our service(s) for desired results and seek medical, legal and/or other professional help as and when required. In case of recipient below 18 years of age, the guardian and consenter must follow this rule.

4. Any ongoing professional, medical and/or legal help, advice, therapies, treatments and medications of the recipient can be continued throughout our service(s) with no exceptions and no objection from us. We are neither responsible for them nor the choices or experiences related to them. They need to be continued/discontinued on the guidance of the concerned professional.

5. Our service(s) are refundable when not initiated from our end and the date of purchase is within 30 days from the written request for refund by the recipient / consenter.

6. We hold all the rights to deny for the service(s) or cancel the service(s) at any time (before or during the course of service) in case of suspicion of malicious intention or activity from the recipient / consenter / related people and/or any wrong, misleading or missing information provided by the consenter. Also any disrespectful behaviour or use of foul language shall lead to immediate cancelation of services. Refund will / will not be provided based on point 5.

7. The recipient must attend our one on one session/class within 15 minutes of the scheduled time in order to avoid cancelation of the session / class. All our service(s) once scheduled or initiated can only be postponed in case of genuine reasons with a prior written notice of at least 3 hours to reschedule the service(s). Refund will / will not be provided based on point 5.

8. We do not hold any responsibility of any issues in recipient’s and people related to the recipient’s life and their decisions, actions, experiences and consequences in any area of life at any point of time and life (before, during and/or after the service(s) provided by us).

9. All the materials, manuals and information in written, audio, video or any other format provided by Divinne Staars / Divine Stars are strictly for self use and self knowledge only and cannot be used, shared, imitated, copied, modified or reproduced in any form and for any other purpose. Any use of name, logo, information, pictures, video, audio or other shared knowledge by Divinne Staars / Divine Stars without the written consent from the founder is strictly prohibited by copyright law.

10. Consenter’s / recipient’s / related people’s confidential information can be shared without their consent to others and related professionals only if sender / recipient / consenter / related people impose a threat / blackmail / harassment / abuse to us or our company or to others, society or their own selves.

11. Video lectures, discussions and information shared with the learners of any topics from us during the classes and their recordings are not considered confidential and can be shared with other students without their consent.

12. We hold no responsibility for any wrong, misleading or missing information from the recipient / guardian / consenter / related people to us.

13. The consenter must keep us updated on the health status and other necessary information of the recipient during the course of our services.

14. This form is valid for all the services taken by the recipient / consenter of this form for themselves or related people starting from the date of visiting this website for the first time and/or filling this form.

Terms And Conditions

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