Other Psychic readings and Chakras Aura scanning

Other Psychic Readings and Chakras Aura Scanning

Prepare to Be Amazed! In the mesmerizing world of psychic readings, where we use various shapes, tea leaves, crystal balls, water, photographs, objects, flowers, plants, and lot more to unveil the secrets and illuminate your life with right guidance and get your Chakras and Aura scanned to know their status, blocks, colour, activity, strength and the reason for problems and their solutions.

SCRYING: Experience the enchanting world of scrying, where psychic senses converge with crystal balls, water, tea leaves, candles, mirrors, and more to unveil the secrets of past, present, and future. Dive deep into the mystical realms to predict outcomes, navigate obstacles, conquer struggles, and find way along the right path, illuminating your destiny and guide you toward a future filled with clarity and purpose.

SHAPES READING: Dr. Trishha received divine guidance from her spirit guides to re-introduce a groundbreaking method—intuitively reading shapes while channeling powerful messages for predictions. This truly unique tool answers your questions related to life struggles, career, love, etc. and provides guidance to bring your life on track so that you enjoy a fulfilling and abundant life.

PSYCHOMETRY AND FLOWERMANCY READINGS: Prepare to Bloom with Flowermancy Readings! Step into a world where the vibrant language of touch, flowers and plants become a powerful oracle for predicting your past, present, and future. These in-depth revelations uncover results, obstacles, and struggles with astonishing accuracy, all while steering you confidently in the right direction to a future brimming with insights and guidance.

We all have an aura that reveals secrets about our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our chakras are also greatly responsible for how our life is. With chakra and aura scan, you will receive an insightful report of your energy, inner balance and well-being.

We also guide you with revealing techniques to balance them, including beej mantras, mudras, and more.