Shapes Reading Course

Shapes Reading Course

You'll get:

1. A pdf manual of the course

2. An audio clip of the course 

3. A video clip of related information 

4. Explanation and doubts clarification on video call

5. A quiz related to the Course

6. Certificate of 

Participation or Completion

7. Lifetime membership and access with a Membership Code

8. Activation of Protection Shield for lifetime

It takes 3-4 days to complete the course 

Eligibility: None

Charges: Rs.5000

This course includes:

1. Ways to cleanse candles and altar

2. Ways to connect with the energies

3. Methods to accurate reading

4. Clairsenses 

5. Ways to develop Clairsenses 

6. Test for Clairsenses 

7. Framing the questions

8. Shapes reading

9. Energy reading

10. Combination readings 

11. "The lesser the More"

12. Do's and don'ts before reading

13. Important points for readers and recipients