Relationship Healing Therapies

Relationship Healing Therapies

I. INTENT REIKI: Combo of various Reiki healings and techniques for desired results at Rs.4444 (21 sessions)

II. CANDLE & CRYSTAL REIKI: Combo of Reiki + Candle + Crystal Reiki for more efficacy at Rs.15777 (21 sessions)

III. ANGEL HEALING: Healing with power and blessings of Archangels at Rs.4444 (4 sessions)

IV. ANGEL REIKI: Combo of Reiki + Healing by Archangels at Rs.17777 (21 sessions)

Based on power IV > III > II > I


Heal your relationship and get into union with your twinflame / soulmate / manifest true love into your life with a combo of Reiki + Angel Healing + techniques of manifestation for best results at Rs.40000 for 22 sessions.