Reiki Healing Therapies

Reiki Healing Therapies

Welcome to the world where negative energies are transmuted into healing energies!

Reiki is a timeless healing which transcends all boundaries of time and space. Here we blend the ancient wisdom of Reiki with a dynamic fusion of modalities and techniques which include law of attraction techniques, power packed switchwords, healing codes, crystal and angelic energies among many others.

Reach out today to witness these energies that will elevate your life, and bring you from fear to love and sadness to pure joy!

These therapies effectively heal all living beings, space and objects for money, health, career, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. They also heal chakras and aura.

Reiki Therapies


I. INTENT REIKI: Combo of various Reiki healings and techniques for desired results. Works great for manifesting specific results or acute and less intense issues.

II. CANDLE & CRYSTAL REIKI: Combo of Reiki + Candle Healing+ Crystal Reiki and techniques for more efficacy. Works great for positivity, protection, internal and external issues or medium intensity issues.

III. KUNDALINI REIKI: Combo of Reiki + One's own inner healing power more better results. Works great to heal deep internal blocks or more severe or chronic issues.

IV. ANGEL REIKI / VIOLET FLAME REIKI: Combo of Reiki + Healing by Archangels / Goddess Kuan Yin and techniques for powerful healing. Works great for issues where divine help is the only solution or long standing or extremely severe issues.

Special Reiki Healings

ZODIAC REIKI: It strengthens positive qualities of zodiac signs in birth chart for desired results.

This includes birth chart analysis followed by Zodiac Reiki and techniques for more efficacy.

TRAUMA / DNA / PASTLIFE REIKI: It heals birth, childhood and past trauma / genetic issues / pastlife issues for a fulfilling and joyous life by combo of Reiki modalities and techniques for more efficacy.

KARMIC REIKI / SHADOW SELFREIKI : Karmic Reiki heals all the past and pastlife karmas by combo of various Reiki modalities and techniques to ensure happy, healthy and successful life. Shadow Reiki heals all those hidden shadow aspects of oneself which unless healed hinder happiness and growth in life.

Please Note: Reiki is never a substitute of any medical or legal advice