Therapies For Peaceful Life

Therapies For Peaceful Life

Guidance and Coachings

Get coachings on law of attraction, psychic protection, life quality, life purpose, forgiveness and spirituality to not only manifest your desires but also to unveil your life purpose, improve your quality of life, lead a happy and joyful life at all levels and stay protected and guided towards spiritual growth.

Meditations and Hooponopono Prayers

With our guided meditations (recorded and live), you can get peace and happiness in life, achieve desired physical, mental or emotional health, money, success, etc. and even improve spiritual aspects of your life.

Hooponopono prayers help in releasing all the unwanted ties, inhibitions and blocks holding you back and ensure a happy, healthy and desired life.

Tapping Techniques

EFT, TFT AND MERIDIAN POINTS TAPPING: These tapping techniques remove blocks, negative thoughts, addictions and beliefs holding you back and bring healing, good health and positivity in all aspects of life.