Numerology Course

Numerology Course

You'll get:

1. A pdf manual

2. Audio Clips

3. Audio Clip of Guided Meditation

4. Explanation and doubts clarification on call

5. A quiz related to the Course

6. Certificate of Participation or Completion

7. Lifetime membership and access with a Membership Code

It takes 5-6 days to complete the course 

Eligibility: None

Recorded Video Course: Rs.4666

Live Video Course: Rs.9444

This course includes:

1. Pythagorean Numerology

2. Pythagoras Table 

3. 8 Types of Numbers

4. Meanings of all types

5. Challenges and Phases of Pinnacle Numbers

6. Positive and Negative Traits of Each Number 

7. Angel Numbers and Meanings

8. Guided Meditation 

9. Conducting Readings

10. Core Numbers 

11. Chaldean Numerology 

12. Chaldean Table 

13. Number Meanings

14. Positive and Negative Traits of Numbers

15. Associated Planets

16. Friendly, Neutral and Enemy Numbers

17. Easy Reading Method

18. 4 Types of Numbers 

19. Meanings of all types

20. Difference between Pythagoras and Chaldean Numerology 

21. Uses of Chaldean Numerology with other tools

22. Name and Number Correction 

23. Name creation

24. Angel Meditation