Lama Fera & Other Healing Therapies

Lama Fera And Pendulum Healing Therapies

LAMA FERA HEALING: Lama Fera is a healing modality originated by Gautam Buddha which is one of the most powerful Buddhist healing techniques. It vanquishes evil eye, clears negativties and has power to resolve negative karmas, traumas and strengthens chakras and aura.

Experience a deep holistic cleansing that uplifts every fiber of your being.You can also cleanse and protect your space and house and remove all negativity with Lama Fera.

PENDULUM HEALING: Pendulum healing is one of the very sensitive and effective healings to heal multiple issues at a time.

It detects even the slightest blocks and removes them to bring desired effects faster.

Witness in depth healing of each cell to uplift yourself.

This healing also includes techniques to make healing faster.

Angel Healing Therapies

ANGEL HEALING: We all have guardian Angels which protect and guide us on our journey.

In our transformative Angel healing sessions, the recipient's guardian angels take center stage and the healer channels healing and messages to offer empowering guidance to bring you out of doubts and misery.

You are on the path to your highest fulfilllment with Angel healing!

This therapy includes Angel healing + Candle and Crystal healing + techniques for better efficacy.

TRANCE HEALING: Trance healing comes from theta brainwave which is associated with deep relaxation, meditation and heightened intuition.

This frequency lowers stress, anxiety and enhances mental clarity and creativity and connects recipient to the Angels.

It heals subconscious problems and gives channeled guidance for much deeper effects.

This therapy includes Trance healing + Candle and Crystal healing + techniques for better efficacy.