Healings For Deep Rooted Issues

 Healings for Deep Rooted Issues

Deep rooted subconscious and unconscious blocks affect our present and future by modifying our thoughts, actions and responses. One might not even be aware of the reasons as they lie in intense experience from past, childhood, womb, pastlives. Healing these help in leading a balanced and happy life.


This heals any deep rooted issue and unexplained problem. Also works on emotional & psychological issues, addictions, negative beliefs and patterns.

Inner Child Healing

This helps in healing these deep rooted suppressed wounds of inner child which are due to certain childhood experiences.

Past Life Regression Therapy

This helps in finding and healing the root cause behind any unexplained issues and patterns in life and guides towards a happy life.

Life Between Lives Therapy

It answers all questions including reason behind experiences, issues and guides towards life purpose, karmic contracts, etc. for fulfilling life.

Future Lives Progression Therapy

It gives a glimpse of future (both in current life and  future births) based on our present decisions and actions and hence guides towards right decisions.

Parallel Quantum Lives Therapy

It helps in exploring different timelines and realities according to different choices we make and helps making the best choice for desired outcomes in life.

Quantum Healing Therapy

It not only addresses and heals deep rooted issues but also gives a glimpse of future with different decisions and hence helps one understand better and gives clarity to bring healing much effectively. 

Hooponopono & EFT TFT Tapping

HOOPONOPONO helps in releasing all blocks, baggages and cords and guides towards leading a happy, healthy and desired life. 

EFT AND TFT TAPPING - It removes blocks, negative thoughts, addictions and beliefs which hold one back from living a desired life and brings healing and positivity.

The best part about it is you will get recording of the session to follow the same steps by yourself for your issues.