This therapy includes:

1. Analysis of situation

2. Therapy to heal deep rooted issues

3. Psychological counseling

4. Detailed analysis every 5 days to understand the progress.

5. Exercises to make healing faster

6. Pre therapy exercises to make therapy effective

7. Post therapy exercises to make healing faster and effective

8. Counselling and guidance after session

Live Sessions

Charges for 2 sessions (1 therapy + 1 counseling) - Rs.3666

Charges for 6 sessions (3 therapies + 3 counselings) - Rs.10444

There will be 1 counseling session followed by 1 hypnotherapy every week of approx. 1 hour each.Sessions will be scheduled on audio/video call

Recorded Self Hypnosis For Any Issue

Charges - Rs.1111

Each recording will be of approx. 45min in duration.