Chakra & Aura AnalysisCourse

Certified Chakra & Aura Analysis Course

You'll get:

1. A pdf manual of Chakra and Aura Scanning and Balancing Course

2. Audio and Video Clips of Chakra and Aura Scanning and Balancing Course

3. Explanation and doubts clarification on video call

4. A quiz related to the Course

5. Certificate

6. Lifetime membership and access with a Membership Code

7. Unlimited revisions

It takes 6-7 days to complete the course 

Eligibility: None

Recorded Video Course: Rs.2555

Live Video Course: Rs.4999

This course includes:

1. Aura and layers

2. Significance of Aural layers

3. Chakra and layers

4. In depth about chakras - location, associated stuffs, balanced and imbalanced expressions

5. Connecting to others' energy to scan their Chakras and Aura

6. Intuitive scanning of Chakras & Aura

7. Chakra Scanning through dowser pendulum

8. Aura scanning through dowser pendulum

9. Cleaning Aura - Ways to balance, Affirmations, etc.

10. Chakras - Ways to balance, Beej Mantras, Affirmations and Mudras

11. Chakra and Aura Scanning through tarot