Chakra & Aura AnalysisCourse

Chakra & Aura Analysis Course

You'll get:

1. A pdf manual of Chakra and Aura Scanning and Balancing Course

2. Video Clips of Chakra and Aura Scanning and Balancing Course

3. Explanation and doubts clarification on audio / video call

4. A quiz related to the Course

5. Certificate of Participation or Completion

6. Lifetime membership and access with a Membership Code

7. Protection shield activation for lifetime

It takes 4-5 days to complete the course 

Eligibility: None

Recorded Video Course: Rs.4555

Live Video Course: Rs.7666

This course includes:

1. Aura and layers

2. Significance of Aural layers

3. Chakra and layers

4. In depth about chakras - location, associated stuffs, balanced and imbalanced expressions

5. Connecting to others' energy to scan their Chakras and Aura

6. Intuitive scanning of Chakras & Aura

7. Chakra Scanning through dowser pendulum

8. Aura scanning through dowser pendulum

9. Cleaning Aura - Ways to balance, Affirmations, etc.

10. Chakras - Ways to balance, Beej Mantras, Affirmations and Mudras

11. Chakra and Aura Scanning through tarot