Akashic Records And Angel Readings

Akashic Records And Angel Readings

Akashic Records Readings

AKASHIC RECORDS READING: Embark on an Enlightening Journey Through Your Soul's History with Akashic Records! What if you could enter a library, where every detail of all your lifetimes is recorded and collected? What if you could see where all your fears and limiting beliefs originated from, and how you can heal it?

They hold the keys to every chapter of your soul's existence, shedding light on the purpose behind every past and present experience while unveiling the roadmap to your future. The Akashic records reveal your soul and karmic contracts, and show you how to clear or reshape them when needed, all guided by your Angels.

Angel and Planet Channelings

Experience the heartwarming connection of receiving messages from Angelic realms, imbalanced planets or your departed loved ones. Discover a gateway to profound insights and wisdom with angel messages that illuminate your life, relationships, career and more. Step into a world of spiritual guidance and revelation.

Automatic Writing

Experience the divine messages from Angelic realms through the power of writing. This is full of love and blessings which not only answers your questions but also guides you towards the right path.

Get your personalized letter in the writing of reader and words from Angels!