Counselling and Guidance

Counseling and Guidance 

Get guidance on all your issues ranging from spiritual, psychological, mental, emotional to your personal and professional, discover your true purpose and learn to manifest your desired outcome for a successful, abundant, healthy and healed life.

Each session is scheduled through audio/video call for 45-50 min.

1 session - Rs.888

5 sessions - Rs.4222

It guides to clear negativities one picks up from anywhere or anyone, self negative thoughts & helps staying protected from these lifelong. A must for healers, psychics & empaths.

Forgiveness helps clear karmas, blockages, relationship troubles, etc. & makes one lead a happy, abundant,successful & healthy life

Get guidance to manifest your desires using law of attraction by getting into right mindset, beliefs and energies and live your dream life full of happiness.

It guides towards spiritual growth, inner peace, higher consciousness by removing blocks, doubts, raising vibrations & overallpositivity

It helps one realise true potential, find inner peace, remove negative thoughts, beliefs, conditioning, sabotages by reprogramming mind leading towards success, happiness & positivity

It helps realising life purpose, true happiness, peace by removing blocks guiding towards successful accomplishment of life purpose & dream life