Lama Fera Healing Therapy

Lama Fera Healing Therapy

One of the most powerful Buddhist healing techniques, Lama Fera heals at much deeper level, removes all kinds of negativity including evil eye, spells, negative karmas, etc., deep cleanses and heals at all levels.

This therapy includes:

1. Lama Fera healing for all issues at all levels 

2. Healing for past, present and future 

3. Removal of unwanted karmas

4. Chakra and aura balancing and blessing


3 sessions - Rs.1777

11 sessions - Rs.6222

21 sessions - Rs.11555

Duration - 30 min/session (1 session everyday)

This includes:

1. Clearance of all negativities from past, present and future

2. Healing in all areas

3. Cleansing and charging space

4. Blessing the place


1 session - Rs.777

Duration - 30min/session

Sessions are unscheduled

It's recommended to get a session once in 21 days.