Astrological Readings

Astrological Advice

The movement and positions of celestial bodies have a profound impact on life. Astrological reading is done by chart analysis which predicts destiny of a person. Hence it's very accurate for predicting long and short term future with important milestones in life. It also gives accurate readings about past andpresent.

 Audio Files (with Remedies)

Advice in single area - Rs.333 (Single Horoscope)

Advice in two different areas - Rs.555 (Single Horoscope)

Audio Call (40 min unlimited questions + Remedies)

In depth prediction - Rs.999 (Single Horoscope)

Pastlife Karmic Reading - Rs.999 (Single Horoscope)

Couples Reading- Rs.1444

Horoscope matching with individual charts analysis - Rs.2222