Ancestral Healing Course

Ancestral Healing Course

You'll get:

1. Pdf manual/s of course

3. Audio and video clips of course

4. Doubt clarification on call and messages

5. Detailed explanation on audio/video call (for Live Video courses)

6. Unlimited revisions

7. Certificate of Completion

8. Lifetime membership and access with a Membership Code

It takes a total of 1-2 days to complete the course.

Eligibility: Prior knowledge of psychic protection is helpful


Recorded Video Course: Rs.3111

Live Video Course: Rs.3888

This course includes:

1. Ancestors and healing

2. Ancestral healing - Method 1

3. Ancestral Karmic Healing - Method 2

4. Common psychic protection rituals

6. Preparatory Steps of healing

7. Blessing and Forgiveness

8. Cutting cords

9. Karmic release practices